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Barn in the Valley

I pass this barn on the way home from work every day, and every day I think “man, I want to take a photo of that some time.”  I wanted to wait until the grass was a little greener, and there were more leaves on the tree.  Today we had a pretty drizzley afternoon, and I knew the old weathered wood siding would be nice and saturated, so I made it a point to park somewhere and capture it.  This little barn catches my eye every time because it sits alone in an area that starting to become more and more developed.  It’s only a matter of time before it’s gone, and in its place is some strip mall or a house.  I think we need to learn to appreciate some of these quaint little things while they’re still around.

Barn in the Valley

Barn in the Valley

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Green Tomb

I went out this morning to take some photos of the fluffy, white dandelions out on the farm. While I was finding some dandelions to shoot, I came across this beautiful drainage ditch (if there is such a thing).  I thought it actually looked a bit like a tomb.  This is a 3-exposure HDR image (click the picture for exposure information).  After tonemapping in Photomatix, I brought it back into Lightroom for more tweaks like contrast, curves and split-toning.

Green Tomb

More Joy of Spring

Today was a beautiful Saturday here in Kentucky.  I decided that, with the nice spring weather, I would fill in some patchy spots in my lawn.  My dog, Pita, and I embarked on a mission to gather the necessary supplies.  I put down a little topsoil and began casting the grass seed by hand (New Testament parable style) when I noticed that Pita was starting to think this was some kind of game.  I would throw the seed and she would run through it like it was her wedding or something.  It was really cute, but she was starting to hinder the process a bit, so I had to put her on the deck and close the gate.  But when I finished seeding, I played fetch with her favorite toy and let her run through the sprinkler.

Everybody knows that when you plant grass, you must water it.

After a while she became tired, and it occurred to me that it was a beautiful day to take some pictures.  So I grabbed my glass and a tripod and started making some HDRs to document my afternoon.

Pita's favorite toy is this mini basketball with a rope in it.

Pita, weary from an afternoon of joy.

It’s not easy taking a 3-exposure HDR of a dog – requires a lot of shooting/deleting.

I’m trying to push myself to pick up the camera a little more often, just to keep in good shape.  Spring is really helping to motivate me 🙂