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The Patriarch

Paul A. Gettinger

My Grandpa, Paul A. Gettinger

Grandpa & Rocky the dog

Grandpa & Rocky

Ever since I found my love of photography, I’ve wanted to create some portraits of my Grandpa. For myself and many others this farmer & preacher has been the living symbol of unconditional love and inspired wisdom. I find myself painfully inadequate to write about him – my words could never do justice (you’ll just have to meet him yourself). Of his character, I’ll simply say this: perpetually compassionate, ever faithful, a teacher, a worker, a pacifist, an optimist.

I’m sure everybody idolizes their grandparents to a certain extent, especially when they’re young, but there’s something special when you come to admire someone exponentially the older you get.


Indian Boy’s Hoop Dance

This photo was taken on our honeymoon almost 4 years ago (has it been that long?).

The Native American boy was performing a “hoop dance.” If I remember correctly he was eight years old, so he was dancing with eight hoops.  He was weaving them all around his body, making shapes like a a butterfly.  For the finale, he made them into a big sphere around himself, and then danced his way out, holding it triumphantly above his head.  Fascinating!