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A New Member of the Family


Our new puppy "Daisy"

Let me just begin by saying that I’ve wanted to have 2 dogs from the very beginning…. When we bought Pita (our 3-year-old fawn boxer), I lobbied for getting two. Every time we see dogs for sale, I try to get my wife over to pet them (and hopefully get all gooey so she’ll get one).

Finally, this past weekend my dreams came true! We saw some boxers for sale, so my wife and I decided to go play with them. When we pulled up, we found that half the little was completely white – which isn’t very common. They were selling at a good price, and since my wife really likes white puppies we ended up getting one!

Her name is Daisy because my wife’s favorite flowers are daisies, and they come in white.

Daisy helping me mow

Today I mowed the yard and the dogs were outside with me. I was a little worried about mowing with this new puppy. She always seems to walk in front of us or between our legs, so I wasn’t sure how cautious she would be around a lawn mower. At one point I experienced a moment of panic when I looked around and didn’t see her anywhere. I discovered that she was actually following right behind me! Up and down the rows we went, and she rarely lagged behind more than a foot or so.
We really enjoyed mowing the yard together, but I learned one thing about having an all-white dog…

Lawnmower Puppy

Lawnmower Puppy

…it’s tough to get the grass stains out!


Misty Hills

This morning I received a surprise call to travel via our company helicopter to Tennessee. We have a big construction project going on down there that involves a lot of earth-moving, so a few good photos will really help for marketing. From the helicopter’s high perspective I couldn’t help but notice how the Kentucky landscape looks so much like a big, fluffy quilt. Out the window I could see the beautiful rolling hills of the southern part of the state shrouded in misty clouds. I know my purpose is to document these industrial sites, but I just can’t help myself when I see something beautiful.

Southern Kentucky Landscape

Barn in the Valley

I pass this barn on the way home from work every day, and every day I think “man, I want to take a photo of that some time.”  I wanted to wait until the grass was a little greener, and there were more leaves on the tree.  Today we had a pretty drizzley afternoon, and I knew the old weathered wood siding would be nice and saturated, so I made it a point to park somewhere and capture it.  This little barn catches my eye every time because it sits alone in an area that starting to become more and more developed.  It’s only a matter of time before it’s gone, and in its place is some strip mall or a house.  I think we need to learn to appreciate some of these quaint little things while they’re still around.

Barn in the Valley

Barn in the Valley

Don’t forget to check the Freebies section for the computer wallpaper.

Green Tomb

I went out this morning to take some photos of the fluffy, white dandelions out on the farm. While I was finding some dandelions to shoot, I came across this beautiful drainage ditch (if there is such a thing).  I thought it actually looked a bit like a tomb.  This is a 3-exposure HDR image (click the picture for exposure information).  After tonemapping in Photomatix, I brought it back into Lightroom for more tweaks like contrast, curves and split-toning.

Green Tomb