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Little Ducklings



LuLu the Duckling

This past weekend we actually got to stay at home and do some work around the house. I wanted to get a jump on planting some grass in the back yard, so we went up to Southern States to pick out some tough grass (we got Kentucky 31).

It happens to be “Chick Days” at Southern States (and Tractor Supply Company) so they had a trough full of little fluffy chicks. They also had a trough of ducklings! Super cute… So tonight we decided that we would get 2 ducklings. They are a type of mallard, but my wife was hoping for a white duck. So we stopped by Tractor Supply Company where they sell pekin ducks, which are white, and picked up a third. So the pekin duckling is my wife’s LuLu, while the mallards (Darla and Ducky – named by my niece) are for me. We’re not actually sure of the gender yet, so that should be a fun surprise.

This was kindof an impulsive decision, but apparently ducks are pretty low-maintenance. They’re fairly self-sufficient as long as you make sure there’s food and a bunch of water somewhere.

When we got them home, we set up the heat lamp. It makes a nice soft light (since it’s so close), so I decided to take some photos with my Tiffen macro +4 lens attachment. I think the macro really emphasizes their cute/fluffy-ness. This is going to be fun!


mallard duckling

Darla or Ducky - can't tell them apart yet.

mallard ducklings

Darla & Ducky