Benny Gettinger: Photo-Graphic Artist

Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mindq

Ringgold Middle School destroyed by a tornado.

Thursday evening I got a phone call saying that in the morning I was to drive down to Georgia to take photos of our crews cleaning up the train tracks in the aftermath of a tornado. We have trucks equipped with tree cutting claws that can ride along the rail.

Tornado's Path

Tornado's Path

When I arrived (after a 4-hour drive), the crews told me about how the tornado had destroyed the middle school and the high school in the town, and many homes were completely destroyed. I was surprised that, with so many mountains in the surrounding area, a tornado could stay on the ground for so long. In fact, you could see on the mountainside the path that the tornado had made. Thank God this didn’t happen during school hours!

Events like this remind us of how powerless we really are. Is there any place where we can truly be out of harm’s way?


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