Benny Gettinger: Photo-Graphic Artist

Hi-Speed Video

Recently, I saw a video by Trey Ratcliff where he used a hi-speed point-and-shoot camera in Japan.  I don’t know why I was so intrigued by it – I don’t really get excited about video stuff.  But the camera he used was a Casio Exilim EX-FC100 (about 200 bucks), and I just got a big bonus at work so I thought now would be a great time to impulse buy! It’s definitely a fun little toy. I think what clicked with me is where he says, “you can pick up on the micro-emotions that appear on people’s faces when you talk to them in person” meaning that we can see and process things so much faster than normal TV or video. Hi-speed video is interesting because it can reproduce a scene with all the details of motion that we can sense in real-time. Being slow-motion helps us process and understand what we can see, but often skip over because it happens so fast.  With Trey being an HDR evangelist, I can understand how these principles also draw him to hi-speed video.  In his video, I also enjoyed when he would pan across a scene.  The subjects appeared to be frozen in time, so the left-to-right movement made it seem like a series of 3-D photos.

So I splurged. I’m sure it was a total waste of money, but maybe I’ll get $200 worth of enjoyment out of it.  Here’s my first silly little experimental video: Pita of Fire.


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