Benny Gettinger: Photo-Graphic Artist

Hibiscus Lensbaby

My wife’s braided hibiscus bloomed this morning. What a beautiful plant! It stands about 3 or 4 feet tall and the trunks are braided together. The first day of bloom being the best for photos, I decided to equip my camera with the Lensbaby Composer.  We got this a couple years ago, and haven’t really used it much. Mostly because it’s extremely difficult to use. It requires a lot of trial-and-error shooting, and weeding through a bunch of bad photos on the computer.

Lensbaby Composer

Credit: Lensbaby

The idea of the Lensbaby is that you can tilt the lens, making only a selected area of the photo possible to be focused on. The hard part is figuring out which part of the frame can be focused, and then manually focusing on that part – pretty tough. But it’s Saturday, so I had the time! The other unique thing about the Lensbaby is that the aperture is changed by dropping a magnetic ring into the front. If you want a higher f-stop you must remove the ring, and put in a thicker ring.

Hibiscus bloom as seen through a Lensbaby Composer without any aperture ring (f/2.0). Processed in Adobe Lightroom 2


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