Benny Gettinger: Photo-Graphic Artist

Robin Eggs

Today my boss pointed out to me that a robin had made its little bird’s nest on the door to our train (a non-working train that’s just for show). And I’m not talking up high on the door, but in the window sill, right by the knob!  What this bird was thinking, I dunno.  To me, this seemed like a rare opportunity to take photos of the inside of a bird’s nest without having to climb a tree.

I am so amazed by birds’ ability to put together these sturdy little nests. Especially since they have no hands! I do have hands, but I still don’t think I could make a nest as perfectly as these tiny fellas! It looks so cozy in there… I want to curl up with them.

Robin Eggs

There's a spot for you, just to the left there.

My wife wanted to have a computer wallpaper of this, so check out Freebies > Wallpapers.


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