Benny Gettinger: Photo-Graphic Artist

Lightroom HDR

For Easter weekend, Veronica and I went up to Ohio to hang out with family and friends there.  Friday was way too beautiful to spend the car trip with the windows up.  It’s fun to see Pita through my side-view mirror enthralled by the ever-changing scenery.

Pita gazing out the car window.

On Saturday we went to the Cincinnati Zoo with our nieces.  It was kinda rainy, but I got a couple fun shots anyway like this one of the elephant house.  When I was processing this in Lightroom, I pushed up the fill light and the clarity (and a few other adjustments) which gave it an HDR look because I compressed the tonal range.  It got me wondering, what is it that qualifies an image as an HDR or a pseudo-HDR?  Do you have to use Photomatix or Photoshop?  I think that, based on the concept of High Dynamic Range imaging, Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW can produce Pseudo-HDR images by pushing up Fill Light and Recovery.  I’ve seen some debates about this, but it seems like those who disagree don’t fully understand what a RAW file is and how programs like Photomatix only combine JPEGs (or converts RAWs to JPEGs and then combines) to achieve HDR images.

HDR produced from a single RAW file with Adobe Lightroom

You can't convince me that this isn't an HDR.


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