Benny Gettinger: Photo-Graphic Artist

Barney Ain’t Havin’ It

I happened to glance over at Barney and there was a neat little shaft beam (edit by my wife’s request) of light from the window shining right on him.  I picked up the camera to attempt a few photos.

Barney Betta

Barney the Betta with a shaft of light falling on him

It’s pretty difficult to take photos of a fish in a fishbowl for a few reasons:

  1. The fish is darting back and forth making it hard to frame up well.
  2. The darting action is actually in 3 dimensions, so the fish is coming in and out of the focused area.
  3. The bowl shape with water in it distorts the light and causes some funky chromatic aberration.

As I was snapping pictures I noticed that he was becoming pretty agitated. He started doing that gill flareup thing that fighting fish do when they see another fighting fish (or a mirror). Barney was seeing his own reflection from my UV filter on the lens! It was pretty cool because he was making this expression right into the camera, and he looked PISSED.

Barney Betta


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